Our products are simple, sustainable & crafted to last.

We believe sustainability goes beyond sourcing clean and eco-friendly raw materials. At olve. we question how a product is made. By working closely with our Australian partners, we work hard to re-engineer manufacturing processes; ensuring our actions are supporting the planet's future.

The Problem

In short, we consume too much and our natural world is under increasing pressure.

Did you know that Australians send a staggering 85% of garments to landfills every year? Fabrics in landfill often cannot decompose, releasing 3-4 times their mass in methane.. The fashion industry is a major water consumer. Unfortunately, more often than not, untreated toxic wastewater from garment factories gets dumped straight into nearby rivers and lakes.

The Solution

Products crafted to last using sustainable and ethical practices.

To us, sustainability goes beyond mere recycling and saving water. In fact, that’s only half of the equation. At olve, we understand the detrimental socio-economic impact fast fashion brings. That’s why we support local makers where we can collaboratively work on making a difference. Integrity means that there is respect in the total life chain of a product, from the environmental impacts of the raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and freight.

How did we do it?

Local Makers


Crafted to Last

Sustainable Raw Materials

We are committed to ensuring that the raw materials used in our products are produced in a way that contributes to sustainable development, respects human rights, preserves natural resources, and helps maintain biodiversity.

olve. ensures full traceability of all fibers we use, including industry registered recycled polyester and our antimicrobial fibre that has the tick of approval from the USA EPA.

Local Production

As we’ve grown and shifted to a more holistic view on sustainability - supporting local makers has become our key focus. We crave connection as humans and when we work closely with the hands that tirelessly crafted each piece that connection carries through to the products we offer.

Crafted to Last

Designing products sustainably means designing them to last. We want every olve. product to live a long, productive life so we prioritize quality and design classically styled pieces so that you’ll never want to put them away.

We are committed

Our mission here at olve. is to create high quality, durable products, produced ethically and sustainably. Our products aim to help reduce waste, improve our health and be more conscious of the impact our consumption has on the environment.

We are a small family business with an emphasis on respect for all people, and a healthy lifestyle for ourselves, for our partners and for the earth. The limitations of our ethos keep us innovative.

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