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Thoughtfully Crafted to Last

We offer sustainable home goods that create beautiful experiences through innovative thinking and design, combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

olve. began with a simple ethos

Take care of our world, take care of our people and take the time
to enjoy the beauty in everyday life. We took our ethos and began envisaging our range, beginning with our antibacterial reusable shopper, to hand-crafted home goods. Our overall mission is to
always design products that are timeless, beautiful and functional
with intention and positive impact.

The brain, heart and soul behind olve.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is a 28-year-old Australian woman who grew up in sunny Queensland with her family who own and run Australia’s leading textile manufacturing company. She has spent her whole life completely immersed in all aspects of the textile industry. Growing to truly understand and appreciate the process of creating products from start to end.

When Lauren started working closely with her Dad in the laboratory an interesting fusion of minds came together. Lauren with a fiery passion for sustainability, ethical business, and a classic design obsession; along with her father John’s technical knowledge  - olve. was born.

olve. is an anagram for love and it is with deep love that Lauren has created a home goods store for your space, and beyond. A true amalgamation of the mind and heart. Lauren’s mission has always been clear; to use the knowledge and skills she’s gained throughout her life to create something she could share with the world. olve. products are designed with a true understanding of craftsmanship, intelligent design, timeless aesthetic, genuine functionality all with sustainability and ethical choices at every corner. All to be shared with you.

And like its Norwegian meaning, olve. is made for protection and defence.

olve. is made with love.

olve. is made to enjoy.


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Locally hand crafted pieces where quality design and minimalist aesthetics come to life


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Made with our signature technology for powerful, durable anti-bacterial protection.



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