Good News Monthly: November 2021

It feels like ever since 2021 started, there has been a powerful push to go full-steam ahead for the environment. November has been full of amazing forest updates, massive conservation pledges (thanks to COP26!) and so much more! We all know how necessary it is to focus on the positive to stay motivated. So, here is some of our favourite good news stories from November that you can hold on to:



New South Wales bans single-use plastic

Yes we know, they’re a little late to the party, but nonetheless The plastic reduction and circular economy act has been passed by the New South Wales Government. NSW is the last Australian state to phase out single-use plastic. Beginning June 1, 2022, and November 1, 2022, the ban of plastic bags, plastic straws, cutlery, and cotton buds will help the state reduce waste, maximise recycling and of course protect our environment.


The first sanctuary for rescued whales in North America is set to open in 2023

Globally, no less than 2,000 whales and dolphins are being held in captivity, mostly in marine parks and aquariums. The need for the sanctuary was put forward after an Act was passed in Canada to end the captivity of whales and dolphins. It aims to give room for rescued whales to live as they are unable to return to the ocean because of the absence of survival skills. The planned sanctuary will be sited in Nova Scotia and will cover over 110 acres of habitat for rescued Whales.

EU proposes banning food imports from deforested areas

A law has been proposed by the European Commission to ban the importation of food and wood from areas that have been deforested or at risk of deforestation. This law aims to give room for the protection of the world's forests and requires proof of no deforestation ties in the supply chain by companies dealing in soy, beef, palm oil, cocoa, coffee, and wood. The law is backed by a pledge made by countries at the just concluded COP26 summit to end deforestation by 2030

Apple joins right to repair movement

Apple finally joins the right-to-repair trend as it plans on making its components, parts, and tools available in 2022. This means you can now repair your Apple devices with ease. Although the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are the only devices supported, it’s still a great move towards the reduction of electronic waste in the environment.

Expansion of the Galápagos Marine Reserve

The Galápagos Marine Reserve has been expanded by Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, by 14.8 million acres, making 47.7 million acres in total. This announcement was made by the Ecuadorian President at the just concluded COP26 summit and is cantered on the protection of marine life.

Till next month stay safe x








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